My name is Phuong Ho, and I am a designer based in the DFW area of Texas.

I endeavor to create designs that compel people to take notice of one's visions and ambitions. My ideal way of working combines visual aesthetic, logic, and a sense of compassion to invest in ideas worth caring about in order to enrich people's way of life.


From paper to pixels

Case studies

A sampling of works that consist of my college capstone, freelance clients' projects, and personal pursuits are shown below. For each one I've detailed my design process, tools of trade, research, and final deliverables (usually created with the Adobe suite, Sketch app, the trusty pen and paper). More information on these projects (as well as other projects not displayed here) are available upon request.


UI & UX Design

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Beer Brains

Graphic Design

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Alma Gastro

Web Design

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