I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Emerging Media and Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas. I currently reside in Texas.

My interest in design and code stemmed from my experiences in middle school - I was introduced to budding social media sites such as Xanga, which eventually gave me first exposure to designing web layouts with HTML and CSS. When given Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet later in high school, my focus switched to digital illustration and I started to dabble with more softwares. Posting artwork online later inspired curiousity in the way people design experiences behind social media, which then led to my interest in graphic and UX design.


Design and code started off as a hobby in order to make my ideas materialize, as well as a way to form connections with people online. Through both visual creation and being a part of social networking communities, I realized that considering the big picture of things are often just as important as examining the small intricate details.

My ultimate goal is to have people effectively convey their ideas, stories, and solutions towards improving other people's lives with their product and/or services.


Coding Languages: HTML | CSS | Javascript | Jquery
Frameworks: Bootstrap | SASS/SCSS
Adobe: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | After Effects | Premiere
Microsoft: Word | Excel | Powerpoint
Other: Sketch | Framer

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