Vietnamese American based in DFW, Texas.

I gravitated towards design initially because of its first visual impressions, and it catered to my appreciation in the small details. I stuck around for the impact and responsibility towards the big picture that being a designer can carry.

I believe great design is consistent across the board, cognizant of accessibility standards, adapts to mistakes, and mindful of potential (sometimes unfortunate) ramifications when contributing to user experience. The culture I am happiest working in is one that encourages the combination of creative, analytical, and culturally open-minded solutions.

Overview of what I can do

LinkedIn: @pminhho
Dribbble: @pmiho
Twitter: @pmho92
Codepen: @pmho92


My Design Process

Phase 1: Before starting on any design, I aim to understand the problem, themes, and overall purpose/message of the end goal.

Phase 2: Key differences and common ground between the users researched are solidified.

Phase 3: Visual designs that solve for each user scenario are drafted and prototyped. Elements like color, typography, and type of device are determined based on audience that the product serves.

Phase 4: Testing of the prototypes are done to see whether the solutions to user stories are actually fulfilling their purpose. (Is the design self-intuitive, or confusing to use?)

Phase 5: Log takeaways and conclusions of testing. Any aspects of the design that didn’t work are either re-explored (cycle back to phase 1) or scrapped/backlogged for possible later use.

Design Process 2019.png